Spring Break & Vacation Workout Day 5

After nearly a week of this travel workout program you are probably getting pretty comfortable not having your Spin/Yoga/Barre/Bootcamp or whatever your flavor of daily physical activity and bonding with a room full of sweaty warriors, grinding out that last set. Maybe you are even starting to enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of this “no equipment necessary” type of workout. Whatever you might gain from this sort of program, the goal is to have this available so that you can knock out a quick workout at home (or when traveling) if life gets in the way. So let’s get started! … Continue reading Spring Break & Vacation Workout Day 5

Spring Break & Travel Workout Day 4

If anything, I want this workout plan to be described as a plan that kept you training while on vacation or traveling. There are few things more frustrating than spending months working out, getting in shape, eating right, only to have it all taken away from you by traveling. The jet lag, the poor eating options, the lack of routine, a hotel gym ill equipped or overpacked with people. The reasons to skip a workout are easy, and this plan looks to help make it easier to keep the momentum going. With that said, today is a simple one. Run, … Continue reading Spring Break & Travel Workout Day 4